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Finnish Flex Midi sauna with vestibule

A modern, insulated Flex mini sauna with a vestibule and panoramic, tempered tinted glass.

  • Number of people 1-6
  • Weight 1200 kg - 1700 kg
  • Sauna stove Electric or drain fired
  • Sauna type Dry and Finnish

Sauna Flex Midi

aron on 2022-12-14
The larger model of the Flex Midi Finnish sauna has been equipped with a practical vestibule, in which we can, for example, undress before a steam bath. Its unique shape will perfectly fit into the garden decor, and the high-quality wood it is made of is the best guarantee of many years of trouble-free use. Using the Flex Midi Finnish sauna, as recommended by specialists, brings numerous health benefits, which is due to its well-thought-out design:
  • high energy efficiency class;
  • insulation of the walls and base of the sauna with a thickness of at least 140 mm, minimizing heat loss;
  • high economic efficiency factor, quick heating of the Finnish sauna and long heat retention inside;
  • double, tempered glass, thanks to which heat does not escape from the sauna;
  • a roof that can withstand wind blowing up to 180 km/h, thanks to its damage-resistant bitumen roofing;
  • a comfortable bench inside the sauna;
  • efficient heating with a coal or electric stove.
Sauna fińska Flex Midi z przedsionkiem
Sauna fińska Flex Midi z przedsionkiem
Sauna fińska Flex Midi z przedsionkiem