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Finnish Flex Midi sauna with vestibule

A modern, insulated Flex mini sauna with a vestibule and panoramic, tempered tinted glass.

  • Number of people 1-6
  • Weight 1200 kg - 1700 kg
  • Sauna stove Electric or drain fired
  • Sauna type Dry and Finnish

Sauna Flex Midi

aron on 2022-12-14
The larger model of the Flex Midi Finnish sauna has been equipped with a practical vestibule, in which we can, for example, undress before a steam bath. Its unique shape will perfectly fit into the garden decor, and the high-quality wood it is made of is the best guarantee of many years of trouble-free use. Using the Flex Midi Finnish sauna, as recommended by specialists, brings numerous health benefits, which is due to its well-thought-out design:
  • high energy efficiency class;
  • insulation of the walls and base of the sauna with a thickness of at least 140 mm, minimizing heat loss;
  • high economic efficiency factor, quick heating of the Finnish sauna and long heat retention inside;
  • double, tempered glass, thanks to which heat does not escape from the sauna;
  • a roof that can withstand wind blowing up to 180 km/h, thanks to its damage-resistant bitumen roofing;
  • a comfortable bench inside the sauna;
  • efficient heating with a coal or electric stove.
Sauna fińska Flex Midi z przedsionkiem
Sauna fińska Flex Midi z przedsionkiem
Sauna fińska Flex Midi z przedsionkiem

Introducing the Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi: The Ultimate Sauna Experience

Looking for an insulated sauna that combines premium quality with a flexible design? Look no further than the Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi. With its unique vestibule and original shape, this sauna offers a truly exceptional sauna experience.The Premium FlexMidi is designed with top-quality insulation, ensuring that your sauna heats up quickly and efficiently. And with the added benefit of a vestibule, you can enjoy a multi-purpose space that can be used as a relaxation room, or even for additional storage.In addition to its impressive insulation and versatile design, the Premium FlexMidi offers a range of ergonomic features that make it a pleasure to use. So if you're looking for a sauna that combines premium quality with unique design and flexibility, the Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi is the perfect choice for you.

Why Choose the Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi?

Looking for a way to relax and unwind? If you want to experience the ultimate in relaxation, then the Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi is the perfect solution for you. With a range of features that make it stand out from the crowd, this sauna offers exceptional value for money and provides an unparalleled sauna experience.One of the key reasons to choose the Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi is its flexibility. With a unique design that offers a spacious interior and a vestibule for added convenience, you can customize your sauna experience to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional sauna experience or want to incorporate other wellness practices, the Premium FlexMidi sauna is adaptable and versatile.Beyond its flexibility, the Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi also offers a range of benefits that promote relaxation and well-being. The sauna is designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience, thanks to its insulation, which improves energy efficiency and temperature control. The result is a cozy sauna experience that helps to soothe aching muscles and calm your mind.Another key advantage of the Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi is its unique design. The sauna’s original shape is both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic, contributing to an overall sense of well-being. The Premium FlexMidi sauna is not only a functional addition to your home, but also a beautiful and stylish one.So, if you’re looking for a premium sauna experience that offers flexibility, relaxation, and a unique design, the Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi is the perfect choice for you.

The Insulated Sauna Experience

The Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi is designed with insulation in mind, providing a more energy-efficient and comfortable sauna experience. The insulation helps to keep heat inside the sauna, reducing energy consumption and making it easier to maintain a consistent temperature.With improved temperature control, users can relax in the sauna for longer periods without feeling overwhelmed by the heat. The insulation also reduces the amount of noise that escapes the sauna, providing a more peaceful environment to unwind and relax.The Premium FlexMidi sauna is equipped with an insulated vestibule, providing an additional space to cool down or relax after leaving the sauna. The vestibule is also insulated, ensuring that it remains at a comfortable temperature while providing a convenient multi-purpose space.
Benefits of Insulation
Improved energy efficiency
Better temperature control
Reduced noise
Overall, the insulation of the Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi provides a more enjoyable and efficient sauna experience. Users can relax in a peaceful environment with improved temperature control and energy efficiency.

The Versatility of the Sauna with Vestibule

The Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi is not just a regular sauna. With its unique vestibule, it offers a level of versatility that sets it apart from other sauna models. The vestibule can be used as a relaxation room, a space to cool down after a sauna session, or even as additional storage for wood or other items.The sauna with vestibule is perfect for those who want to get the most out of their space. It is an excellent multi-purpose option that can be used to meet a variety of needs, making it a great choice for homeowners or businesses looking for flexibility in their sauna experience.Another advantage of the vestibule is that it provides additional insulation for the sauna, helping to maintain a consistent temperature and improve energy efficiency. This added level of insulation helps create a comfortable and enjoyable sauna experience that can be enjoyed year-round.

The Original Shape of the Premium FlexMidi Sauna

One of the key features that sets the Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi apart from other saunas on the market is its original shape. The designers have taken a new approach to sauna construction, creating a unique shape that enhances the overall sauna experience.The Premium FlexMidi sauna has a modern, curved design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ergonomic. The shape allows for a more spacious interior, making it easier to move around and creating a more comfortable sauna session. Additionally, the curvature of the sauna walls creates a natural flow of air, ensuring even heat distribution and a more efficient use of energy.The original shape of the Premium FlexMidi sauna is not only visually appealing but also functional. The shape allows for maximum use of space, making it possible to install larger benches and providing more room for stretching and exercise. This, combined with the curved design, makes for a more enjoyable and therapeutic sauna experience.In summary, the original shape of the Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The ergonomic design enhances the sauna experience, providing a more spacious and comfortable environment. The unique shape also contributes to even heat distribution and energy efficiency, making it a wise investment for any sauna enthusiast.

The Frequently Asked Questions about the Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi:

What is the size of the sauna?

The Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi has a unique shape and is available in two sizes: 2.6m x 2.2m and 2.6m x 2.6m. The larger model is equipped with an additional dressing room. Both models are designed to comfortably accommodate up to 6 people.

Is the sauna energy efficient?

Yes, the Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi is well-insulated to ensure maximum energy efficiency. The walls are made with 42mm thick logs, while the roof and floor are insulated with a layer of mineral wool. The sauna also features double-glazed windows and a sealed door to prevent heat loss.

Can the sauna be customized?

Yes, the Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi is a flexible and customizable product. You can choose from a range of options, including different wood types, sizes, and additional features such as lighting and sound systems. Contact our sales team for more information and to discuss your specific needs.

What is the delivery time for the sauna?

The delivery time for the Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi will depend on your location and the specific model you choose. Once you place your order, our team will provide you with an estimated delivery time. Please note that delivery times may vary depending on demand and weather conditions.

How do I maintain and clean the sauna?

Keeping your Wooden Sauna Premium FlexMidi clean and well-maintained is important for its longevity and your enjoyment. To clean the sauna, simply wipe down the interior with a damp cloth after each use. We recommend applying a protective treatment to the exterior of the sauna once a year to keep it looking new and to protect it from the elements. Contact our sales team for more information on maintenance and care.