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The garden saunas we produce are energy-efficient, economical and ready for use in a very short time after start-up. We also offer wooden houses, which are distinguished by their unique shape.

Manufacturer of garden saunas and wooden houses

We are a manufacturer of high-quality wood structures. While our main business is recreational houses of up to 75 square meters and insulated garden saunas, we are also engaged in the production of garden furniture and sauna furniture. We also produce other products made of wood, such as garden houses, garden offices, farmhouses and children's houses. Invited to see our offer of garden saunas and wooden houses.

Garden saunas

Outdoor garden sauna insulated manufacturer Filanest

Garden Sauna from Gdansk is energy-efficient, economical and ready to use in a very short time after start-up. Flex Finnish Saunas, HobbySpot Saunas and POD Saunas we manufacture are a series of modern, insulated sauna houses.

Wooden Houses

Oasis Lite year-round wooden cottage

Both the construction of wooden houses and their innovative shape guarantee very high resistance to violent weather phenomena such as storms or strong winds. The technology we use gives great flexibility in the shape and layout of the rooms.

Garden Houses

Domki drewniane HobbySpot do ogrodu i a działkę
Domki drewniane HobbySpot do ogrodu i a działkę

HobbySpot houses are our newest family of objects with an original ellipsoidal shape.

Garden Harmony Saunas

Garden Sauna insulated

Flex Finnish saunas are a series of modern insulated sauna houses with a panoramic double-glazed window. Finnish saunas of various sizes optionally equipped with a vestibule or a vestibule with a shower cubicle. A compact, insulated structure that is an ornament to any property.

Insulated wooden houses

Insulated bungalow Filanest

Modern wooden year-round houses with panoramic, tempered, insulated glass and Glamping wooden houses are a separate division of our production

Finnish Sauna CUBE

Outdoor garden sauna insulated manufacturer Filanest

This elegant and stylish model boasts contemporary aesthetics combined with versatile features. With its insulated construction, traditional design and panoramic glass elements, the CUBE sauna offers a unique and immersive sauna experience.

Video presentation of Aura Sauna

Videopresentation of Oasis cottage

Premium saunas and cabins

Manufacturer of garden saunas, wooden summer houses and year-round cottages

We always approach each investment individually, comprehensively and, above all, transparently. The prices of all our manufactured cottages, saunas and other structures, including their accessories, are public and quoted only in gross prices (with VAT already included). They include everything necessary for use - the basic price as standard includes windows and doors, waterproofing, painting, shingle covering, as well as protective film and roof membrane. As a manufacturer of wooden year-round houses and garden saunas, we price not only the construction, but also the design. A team of experienced salesmen will help you choose the most practical solutions and dispel technical doubts. You also do not have to worry about logistical issues. No matter where your plot of land is located in Poland and whether you choose turnkey wooden year-round cottages up to 75m2, or wooden garden buildings or garden saunas - we can easily reach any place that is accessible by car.

Guarantee in our cottages and garden saunas

All Filanest designs come with a 24-month warranty period as standard. However, non-standard warranty can be extended. Ask our sales staff for details.

Comprehensive offer for cottages and saunas

With us you will find the perfect product thanks to our professional advisors and a wide range of products. The specifications of each product allow you to know the details of the offer and customize it to your needs.

Availability of saunas and cottages on offer

All cooperation is done remotely, with couriers delivering our products all over the country. As a result of our years of experience, we are able to accurately plan the production process, so we can ensure that your cottage or sauna will arrive on schedule.

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Garden saunas and wooden houses - high quality manufacturer | Philanest

Nowadays, more and more people focus on relaxing in their garden. No wonder that garden saunas and wooden houses have become very popular. However, not every manufacturer can guarantee the quality and durability of their products. Meanwhile, Filanest is a manufacturer that meets the expectations of its customers and offers high-quality garden saunas and wooden houses.

Why is it worth choosing garden saunas?

Having a garden sauna in your garden is primarily a lot of benefits for health and relaxation. Thanks to the sauna, you can increase the body's immunity, improve blood circulation and relieve stress. In addition, regular use of the sauna can help treat the symptoms of diseases such as muscle pain and arthritis.

In the garden saunas, we can also enjoy relaxation and relaxation. Using the sauna is an excellent form of relaxation after a hard day's work or intensive training. Thanks to this, we can regenerate and gain new energy to act.

The right choice of wooden houses

Choosing a wooden house for the garden does not have to be difficult. However, it is worth remembering that such a structure must meet several important criteria. First of all, it should be functional and aesthetic to serve for many years and look good in the garden.

When choosing a wooden house, it is worth paying attention to several important elements. Firstly, it should be a good material that will protect the house from harmful factors such as moisture or pests. The wood should be well dry, impregnated, and protected with a special paint or varnish, thanks to which it will be shiny and resistant to weather conditions.

Secondly, pay attention to the shape and size of the cottage. It should be adapted to the individual needs and dimensions of the garden. Ideally, the house will also match the style of the garden in which it will be located.

Color palette and finish options

The Filanest offer includes wooden houses, which are characterized by a variety of finishing options. They can have a natural wood color or be painted in a color chosen by the customer. There is also an option to finish the house with boards, which adds extra elegance and modernity to the garden.

Characteristic Description
Color selection There is an option to paint the houses in the color chosen by the customer
Board finish The houses can be finished with boards, which adds extra elegance

All wooden houses available in the Filanest offer are characterized by the highest quality and durability. The manufacturer also offers the adaptation of each house to the individual needs of the customer and the ability to choose from a wide range of options and accessories.

Filanest - a producer with experience

Filanest is a company that has been operating on the market of garden saunas and wooden houses for many years. Our experienced team of employees allows us to create the highest quality products, which is reflected in the positive opinions of our customers.







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