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All-year-round Filanest Cottages

Isolated year-round cottages with original shape

  • Area of the cottages: Ethan Hunt
  • Thermal insulation: ICYNENE insulation foam
  • Material Scandinavian wood
  • Roof covering Bitumen roofing tile

Wooden cottages for whole year

aron on 2023-07-07
Like our saunas, the houses are manufactured using a method we have developed and patented. It uses carbon fiber, from which robots weave an openwork and lightweight structure of extraordinary strength. Both the construction of the houses and their innovative shape guarantee very high resistance to violent weather phenomena such as storms or strong winds. In constructing the houses, we attach great importance to creating sustainable products. The vast majority of the materials that make up our 35m2 house are recyclable, and the production has a low carbon footprint. The carbon fiber construction allows for a thick layer of thermal insulation. This makes the houses we offer not only extremely energy-efficient in winter, but even on the hottest summer days there is a pleasant temperature. In order to erect our house on your parcel of land, it is not necessary to obtain any permits, just a notification. The technology we use gives great flexibility in its shape and layout of the rooms.

We are able to deliver the house to the customer both in a developer state, as well as designed by our designers and finished interior.
If you have a plot of land, you can enjoy a holiday in your own summer house already this season – the waiting time is only 5 weeks!

Wooden Cottages

The most modern series of houses with original shape. Combination of original shape along with functionality.

Zen House

Ocieplony Mini Domek, idealny na rodos, tiny house Domek drewniany ocieplony producent Filanest
Domek drewniany ocieplony producent Filanest

A small, compact Zen house also available without a toilet. Ideal for RODOS plots due to its size.

Oasis Lite House

Oasis Lite year-round wooden cottage

Insulated wooden house, allowing you to configure the interior according to your needs. Unusual shape allows for interesting interior arrangements.

Oasis House

Discover a Cozy Year-Round Cottage - Ideal All-Season Getaway with Modern Comforts. Explore a Quaint Retreat Surrounded by Nature, Perfect for Relaxation and Outdoor Adventures. Book Your Stay for a Memorable Escape

Enlarged bungalow with an entrance that allows better use of space. It is distinguished by its original shape and good insulation of the walls and base.

HobbySpot Houses

The HobbySpot house series is distinguished by its original shape and good insulation. It is ideal as a studio, office, study and relaxation room.

HobbySpot House

Domek drewniany ocieplony producent Filanest
Domek drewniany ocieplony producent Filanest

HobbySpot modular house with an original ellipsoidal shape. The insulated walls and the base mean that we can use it all year round!

Man's cave

Domek drewniany ocieplony producent Filanest
Domek drewniany ocieplony producent Filanest

A cottage that is perfect for work, study or rest. If you are looking for a quiet place, such a cottage is perfect.

Wooden house for the plot

aron on 2023-07-07
We offer various types of wood houses. We are able to offer you new and useful products through a wide range of products. The wooden house we produced using natural materials is perfectly compatible with the environment. Chamber-dried, four-sided planed Scandinavian spruce was used in the production. The wooden houses we sell are elegant and durable due to their light color and low number of knots. The wood has a smooth surface and is of very high quality. To make it easy to connect the structural elements, each wooden house is made carefully. Assembly is easy and comfortable, even for those without construction experience, as there is no need to cut or fit the pieces. Shipping to any corner of Poland is inexpensive thanks to our extensive logistics network.

Garden house made of wood

aron on 2023-07-07
Many people living every day in the big city dream of a recreational plot and their own garden house. Our goal is not only to be able to spend the weekend in a quiet and peaceful place, but also to spend time in a beautiful environment. Therefore, there should be a garden house on every plot. It is not only a durable, aesthetically pleasing dwelling, but also a useful cell for garden furniture and tools, which protects them in any weather. Choosing cottages for the plot, we are sure that they will serve us for many years and will please the eye while spending time outdoors.

Why buy a garden house?

aron on 2023-07-07
Investing in a garden house has many advantages, which we are sure to appreciate later when we use it. Allotment houses are built quickly and carry only the necessary costs. What’s more, their installation is possible at any time of the year, which allows for easy and light construction. We will quickly begin to enjoy the final result, as construction proceeds regardless of the weather. At the same time, the low-priced garden house is extremely durable, which guarantees us the highest quality of the building material: Norwegian spruce. The partitions, despite their small thickness, perfectly cope with the variable loads caused by sudden atmospheric changes, such as strong wind. Wood creates a healthy microclimate in the building and provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Investing in a garden house, we are sure that the project will be carried out as intended, the solutions will be environmentally friendly and the end result will be extremely aesthetically pleasing. People who have cottages on the plot praise their versatility and the possibility of later reconstruction or modification. Even the most demanding user will benefit from the possibilities offered by the chosen design.

Which garden house to choose?

aron on 2023-07-07
When deciding to buy a garden house, we must first consider how it will affect our expectations for a recreational plot. In case we spend little time there during the year and the garden house serves mainly as a cell, a small one for tools will probably work better. However, we can opt for a gazebo house if we have more serious plans for the place. Of course, its area will determine its choice. We usually opt for a simple Scandinavian garden house design, but we can always choose a more ornate one. We can be sure that all allotment houses designed for the garden will perfectly blend with nature, without disturbing the pleasant landscape, regardless of which one we ultimately decide on. We don’t have to worry about quality when choosing the best building material for a garden allotment house, because spruce wood planks are carefully selected and processed, which ensures their long-lasting durability and aesthetic finish. It is thanks to them that the cottages on the plot look as impressive.