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WellNest Dome

Innovative structures with rounded shapes and efficient space utilization present a distinctive alternative to traditional relaxation settings. These architectural marvels blend functionality with aesthetics, redefining the concept of leisure spaces. Embracing curves and fluid lines, they create an inviting ambiance that fosters relaxation and rejuvenation.

    Dome cottages

    Unique dome houses for relaxation

    aron on 2024-03-27
    Hello, today I would like to introduce you to the fascinating world of dome houses. These extraordinary structures not only provide a unique harmony with nature, but also provide a magical experience and unparalleled comfort. Get ready for a journey that will take you to a whole new level.

    Dome Cottages

    The most modern series of dome houses with original shape. Combination of original shape along with functionality.

    NestSpot Plus

    Dome cottage for meetings in larger groups


    Plan an unforgettable stay in the dome and barbecue cottages. An ideal place to relax and meet with loved ones.


    Spot to spend time with loved ones. Ideal for restaurants, pubs and gardens.


    Covered hot tub allows comfortable use even in inclement weather

    Discover the Charm of Dome Houses

    aron on 2024-03-27
    Summary of key information Dome houses are unique structures that blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment. Their magic lies in the attention to detail, lighting and decorations that create a unique atmosphere. They offer stunning comfort thanks to carefully selected furniture and modern technological solutions. A variety of applications for dome houses, from residential homes to recreational areas. Professional companies and architects specializing in the creation of these structures ensure high quality design and construction. What are dome houses?Dome houses are unique architectural structures that impress with their remarkable form. They are characterized by a rounded shape that resembles a dome, creating a harmonious integration with the surrounding nature. This is an innovative solution that revolutionizes the concept of a traditional house.What distinguishes dome houses? First of all, their unique form, which refers to organic shapes found in nature. This is not only an aesthetic treatment, but also a way to bring harmony and tranquility to the interior. In addition, dome houses are usually made of eco-friendly materials, which emphasizes their compatibility with nature and care for the environment.What are the characteristics of dome houses? In addition to their unique form, they often have large panoramic windows that allow full enjoyment of natural light and picturesque views of the surrounding nature. The interiors are often minimalist but functional, providing a friendly and comfortable place to live or relax.Dome houses are true works of architecture that take us to a new level of compatibility with nature. Their magical aura and harmony with the environment make them an ideal place to find peace and tranquility.Features of dome houses: Unique dome-shaped form Environmentally friendly building materials Large panoramic windows Harmony with nature Minimalist and functional interiorsImagine spending time in a dome house, surrounded by picturesque landscapes and subtly blending in with the surroundings. It's a true experience that takes you to a new level of closeness to nature. Dome cottages are not only places to live, but also oases of harmony, quiet relaxation and creative inspiration.Dome houses - characteristics Advantages Unique form Ensuring harmony with nature Ecological building materials Protection of the environment Panoramic windows Beautiful views and natural lighting Minimalist and functional interiors Comfort and convenience A new level of harmony with natureDome houses achieve a new level of harmony with nature by using eco-friendly building materials and adapting to the natural surroundings. This is an unusual feature that attracts many lovers of nature and peaceful recreation.When designing dome houses, special attention is paid to the choice of materials that maintain harmony with nature. Ecological and renewable materials are often used, such as wood, clay and natural insulation, which minimize environmental impact.In addition, dome houses are designed to fit in perfectly with the surrounding environment. Despite their modern design, the shapes and colors of the buildings are chosen to blend harmoniously with nature. As a result, guests can enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest without having the illusion that they are in an artificially created space.Example:"The dome cottages I had the pleasure of staying in were a real discovery. Their harmonious connection with nature was amazing - I felt like I was living inside a garden. The use of natural materials brought a calm and friendly atmosphere to the interiors, which made my stay unforgettable." - Anna Kowalska, a guest of the dome house.Examples of the features of the dome houses: Advantages Use of eco-friendly building materials Minimized impact on the environment Adaptation to the surrounding environment Harmonious connection with nature The magic of dome housesTo discover the charm of dome houses is not only to experience harmony with nature and unique comfort, but also to discover the extraordinary magic that surrounds them. Every detail, both inside and out, has been carefully designed to create a unique atmosphere and provide an unforgettable experience.The dome homes blend harmoniously into their surroundings with their unconventional architecture and organic shapes. Their rounded lines and smooth surfaces make the entire structure seem one with nature, rather than an artificial creation. This cohesive connection with the environment evokes an extraordinary feeling of oneness with nature and makes a stay in the dome houses magical.