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Finnish Sauna Cube - Manufacturer Filanest

The Cube Finnish sauna is a classic insulated sauna with distinctive panoramic panes of glass. It is distinguished by the use of a thick layer of thermal insulation, so that the sauna heats up in a short time.

  • Dimensions WxHxL: 3,70m x 3,00m x 8,00m
  • Thermal Insulation Minimum 120mm thick
  • Stove: Electric or wood-burning
  • Configurability Yes

Finnish Sauna Cube

aron on 2024-02-13
The Cube garden sauna is the perfect place to relax, featuring a classic shape that fits in perfectly with current garden trends.  
  1. Energy Efficient Indoor Lighting: By using energy-efficient indoor lighting, you will create the perfect atmosphere for complete relaxation while sauntering, adding a modern touch to the traditional form.
  2. High Energy Efficiency: The Cube Sauna is distinguished by its excellent thermal insulation of the walls and base with a minimum thickness of 120 mm, which not only translates into economical use of the sauna, but also complies with the principles of environmental care.
  3. Fast Heating and Long-Term Heat Retention: Thanks to its fast heating (about 20-30 minutes) and long-lasting heat retention, the sauna allows uninterrupted enjoyment of relaxing saunas.
  4. Comfortable Benches: Comfortable benches made of linden wood provide full comfort and relaxation while in the sauna, creating the perfect place for full recovery.
  Sauna Cube is a harmonious combination of classic design, energy efficiency and comfort, creating a unique space for complete relaxation in your garden.
Sauna ogrodowa zewnętrzna ocieplona producent Filanest
Outdoor garden sauna insulated manufacturer Filanest
aron on 2024-02-13
Thermal Insulation of Walls and Foundations
In our year-round cottage, we will provide you with good thermal insulation through the use of eco-friendly ICYNENE Foam. This innovative solution guarantees not only effective insulation of the walls and base of the cottage, but also takes care of nature.
  • Good Thermal Insulation: ICYNENE foam creates an airtight layer of insulation, eliminating thermal bridges and maintaining a constant temperature inside the building.
  • Sealing: Foam seals spaces perfectly, protecting against moisture, dust and insects. This improves indoor air quality and minimizes the risk of allergies.
  • Ecology: ICYNENE foam is an eco-friendly solution that contains no harmful chemicals or CFCs. It's an environmentally friendly solution that helps reduce energy consumption.
  • Long-lasting Performance: ICYNENE foam has a long life and does not shrink or settle over time. This means its insulation performance remains high for many years.
  • Shape Matching: Foam is able to conform to irregular shapes and gaps, eliminating voids through which heat could escape.
Insulating your home with ICYNENE foam is an investment in your comfort and future. It not only provides a pleasant interior temperature, but also a positive impact on the environment and financial savings.
aron on 2024-02-13
Top quality materials
When creating our cottages, we focus on quality, durability and comfort, which is why we are proud to present our offer based on first-class materials. It is these materials that make our cottages functional and durable.
  • Certified Bitumen Roofing Tile: your guarantee of safety and protection from the weather. Certified bitumen roofing tile with high resistance to winds blowing at up to 180 km/h.
  • Scandinavian Spruce Cladding: When creating an interior, we focus on naturalness and coziness. That's why our interior walls are made of Scandinavian spruce, which not only adds charm, but also creates a healthy and friendly environment for your family.
  • KVH Wood House Grate: The base is the key to durability. That's why we use KVH wood grate, characterized by high stability and strength. It's a solid construction that you can rely on for many years.
  • Tempered double-glazed windows: Thermal and acoustic comfort in one. Our windows equipped with a vacuum cavity provide good thermal and sound insulation.
When creating our houses, we combine aesthetics with functionality to give you not just a place to live, but a real home for years to come. The highest quality materials are the foundation on which we build unique spaces for your comfort and enjoyment.

Finnish Sauna Cube

Sauna ogrodowa zewnętrzna ocieplona producent Filanest
CUBE Finnish Sauna, interior of linden benches along with Harvia heater
A shower along with a tub for cooling down in the garden sauna
aron on 2024-02-13
Sauna Configuration
Electric or wood-fired heater
Our sauna offers a variety of heat sources, including traditional wood-fired heaters and modern electric heaters.
Equipment and Detail Options
To us, every detail matters. You can customize the interior of your sauna by choosing bench styles, lighting, control panels and other extras. Add your personal touch to create a unique decor.
Safety and Performance
Our sauna is designed with your safety and efficiency in mind. When you choose our sauna, you can rest assured that it will meet the highest standards of quality and safety.