Sauna with HotTub Flex

Introducing our superbly insulated Flex sauna, which has been fitted with a specially prepared space for a garden log. It is a unique combination of sauning opportunities and a relaxing hot water bath that will create a unique experience for you.

The Flex sauna is a harmonious combination of modernity and comfort that will allow you to enjoy the pleasure of sauning all year round. Its excellent insulation ensures that the temperature inside the cabin remains stable, guaranteeing relaxation and indulgence in every season.

The additional space under the garden log will create the perfect conditions for a wonderful outdoor bath. After an intensive sauna session, you can soak in the hot water, enjoying the regenerating effects and moments of blissful relaxation.

We invite you to discover the unique world of the Flex sauna, where the combination of sauning and bathing in a log will create for you a paradise for body and mind full of harmony and pleasure. Experience this unique combination of sauning and garden bathing, which will leave you feeling relaxed, rested and fully rejuvenated.

  • Region Opolskie
  • Completion Date July 2023
  • Lead time 4 weeks