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Garden Sauna Filanest

HobbySpot Finnish garden saunas, Flex and POD saunas

  • Number of people 1-20
  • Energy efficient Isolation min. 140mm
  • Certified materials Scandinavian wood
  • Temperature range 40 - 110 st. C

Garden Sauna Filanest

A garden sauna is the perfect place to relax and unwind at home. The sauna has a positive effect on health and beauty, as it strengthens immunity, improves the appearance and condition of the skin, and is also an excellent means of relieving muscle and joint pain. The room, which is located in the garden, is ideal for home spa purposes, which can be used all year round. After a hard day, you can relax and unwind in the garden sauna. Create a unique space for relaxation in your home.
Finnish garden wooden saunas manufactured by Filanest meet high energy efficiency standards.

Garden saunas FLEX

Saunas Flex is a series of modern insulated sauna houses with panoramic combined glass. Finnish saunas of different sizes are optionally equipped with a vestibule or a vestibule with a shower cabin. A compact, insulated construction that is a decoration of every property.


Sauna fińska Flex Mini bez przedsionka
Sauna fińska Flex Mini bez przedsionka

A small, compact Finnish sauna available in a version without a vestibule, which does not require much space in the garden, but gives a lot of joy to its users


Sauna fińska Flex Midi z przedsionkiem

The larger model of the Finnish Flex Midi sauna has been equipped with a practical vestibule, in which we can, for example, undress before a steam bath


Sauna fińska Flex z przedsionkiem i kabiną prysznicową

A large, spacious wooden Finnish sauna Flex stands out from others available on the market not only with a vestibule, but also with a shower cabin installed inside

FLEX with Hot Tub

Sauna ogrodowa zewnętrzna producent Filanest
Sauna ogrodowa zewnętrzna producent Filanest

Enlarged model of the Flex sauna, including a vestibule and a prepared place for a log. Allows you to enjoy the benefits of steam and water bath.

FLEX Midi+

Sauna z dodatkowym, przeszklonym przedsionkiem. Ocieplona sauna o oryginalnym kształcie
Domek drewniany ocieplony producent Filanest

An enlarged model of the Flex sauna, along with a large glass vestibule that allows you to admire your surroundings even between sauna sessions.


Powiększona, ocieplona sauna FlexMidi. Praktyczny kształt umożliwia komfortowe korzystanie z sauny Sauna ogrodowa zewnętrzna ocieplona producent Filanest
Sauna ogrodowa zewnętrzna ocieplona producent Filanest

Flex sauna model, which, thanks to a subtle change in shape, gets significantly more space inside.

Garden Sauna HobbySpot

Saunas HobbySpot is a series of insulated sauna facilities with original shapes with a panoramic arched composite glass. These saunas are available in two configurations, both with a large vestibule and a shower cabin. The unique sauna facility will meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.


Sauna fińska HobbySpot

The comfortable, spacious Hobby Spot Finnish sauna is distinguished not only by its original ellipsoidal shape, but also by many amenities ensuring exceptional comfort of use.


Sauna fińska HobbySpot Quatro
Sauna fińska HobbySpot Quatro

The comfortable, spacious Hobby Spot Quatro Finnish sauna is distinguished not only by its original ellipsoidal shape, but also by the large amount of space due to the combination of FLEX and HobbySpot models.

Garden Sauna POD

POD saunas are a series of traditional arched sauna facilities distinguished by their compact parabolic shape. These Finnish saunas are very well insulated in the base and walls, thanks to which they are economically effective.

Sauna POD Mini

Sauna fińska POD Mini bez przedsionka
Sauna fińska POD Mini bez przedsionka

A practical, compact Finnish sauna that fits easily even in a small garden.

Sauna POD Midi

Sauna fińska POD Midi bez przedsionka z podcieniem
Sauna fińska POD Midi bez przedsionka z podcieniem

A compact, easy-to-assemble model of a Finnish sauna without a vestibule, but thanks to the use of an arcade, it functions as a small veranda in the garden

Sauna POD

Sauna fińska POD z przedsionkiem
Sauna fińska POD z przedsionkiem

A small, easy-to-set Finnish sauna POD, with an original, ergonomic shape, made of the highest quality wood

Garden Sauna

aron on 2022-07-05
Who doesn’t want to have their own garden and sauna? Saunas have long been known for their ability to relieve stress and improve physical well-being, and being outdoors provides natural benefits. The dream can become a reality with affordable outdoor saunas from Filanest. Our outdoor saunas are available in many different sizes, shapes and configurations. We’re happy to help you make your choice by visiting our website or visiting one of our showrooms. Filanest offers the largest range of outdoor saunas in Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

How to buy a garden sauna

aron on 2022-07-05
Filanest offers only the highest quality outdoor saunas at competitive prices. We offer a wide selection of different models of outdoor saunas to fit any garden, in addition to traditional models. Check out an indoor sauna before you make a decision. Feel free to visit one of our showrooms without prior contact. All questions will be gladly answered by our staff.

An outdoor sauna in your own garden?

aron on 2022-07-05
A sauna from Filanest will make you feel right at home when you have a sauna outside. There’s nothing more pleasant than enjoying the freedom and comfort of your own sauna at any time. You choose the settings that suit you. With Filanest you can do this at an extremely low price and in the most practical way. Also enjoy the light and the smells. After a visit to the sauna you will feel relaxed and clean. Simply revived.

Other types of outdoor saunas

aron on 2022-07-05
In addition to the traditional Finnish outdoor sauna, we offer a wide range of shapes and designs, so we can provide the perfect solution for any garden.

Oval sauna

aron on 2022-07-05
The oval shape means you’ll never have to visit a sauna in a spa again. For relaxation and well-being, you can enjoy a private barrel sauna in your backyard. Filanest offers the largest range of oval-shaped saunas with wood or electric stoves.

POD sauna series

aron on 2022-07-05
The POD sauna series has a semi-circular, slightly elongated shape that will enhance any garden.

Piec elektryczny lub opalany drewnem

aron on 2022-07-05
Sauna zewnętrzna może być ogrzewana różnymi sposobami. Może mieć piec drewnopodobny lub grzałkę elektryczną.

Wooden outdoor sauna

aron on 2022-07-05
There is nothing more romantic than an outdoor wood-fired sauna or a barrel sauna in your own garden. Our outdoor saunas are equipped with a Harvia stove. See all outdoor saunas that are wood-fired.

Outdoor electric sauna

aron on 2022-07-05
An electrically heated outdoor sauna has the added advantage of being equipped with therapeutic infrared heaters. For this purpose, all you need is a standard 230-volt outlet. Check out any electric outdoor saun

Sauna POD

Sauna Flex

Sauna HobbySpot