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Garden Sauna Maxi - Manufacturer Filanest

Enjoy our modern and perfectly insulated Maxi garden sauna, which has been fitted with a panoramic pane of tempered and tinted glass. Our sauna is the ideal place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

  • Liczba osób 1-6
  • Waga 1200 kg - 1700 kg
  • Piec saunowy Elektryczny lub opalany drenem
  • Typ sauny Sucha i Fińska

Garden sauna Maxi

aron on 2023-07-06
Enjoy our modern and perfectly insulated Maxi garden sauna, which has been fitted with a panoramic pane of tempered and tinted glass. Our sauna is the ideal place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Thanks to the carefully selected thermal insulation, our sauna maintains a constant temperature and provides excellent sauning conditions all year round. Whatever the season, you can enjoy complete comfort and relaxation in our sauna. The panoramic glass with tinted glass lets in abundant amounts of natural light, creating a bright and pleasant interior. This allows you to feel as if you are connected to the surrounding nature, which adds a unique charm and tranquillity to the sauna experience. Our modern Maxi garden sauna combines elegance and functionality to create a unique place where you can find harmony and relaxation. Enjoy the pleasant warmth and deep relaxation in our sauna, which offers a unique sauna experience. Discover a close encounter with nature and unforgettable relaxation in our modern Maxi garden sauna with panoramic, tempered tinted glass.
Sauna ogrodowa zewnętrzna ocieplona producent Filanest
Garden Sauna Maxi insulated
Garden Sauna insulated

Garden sauna from manufacturer Filanest - The Modern, Insulated and Energy Efficient Solution.

Sauna ogrodowa zewnętrzna ocieplona producent Filanest

Outdoor insulated garden sauna from manufacturer Filanest

If you dream of having your own oasis of relaxation in the garden all year round, a garden sauna from the renowned manufacturer, Filanest, could be the perfect choice. In this article, we take a look at the benefits of garden saunas from Filanest, which stand out for their build quality, innovative approach and attention to energy efficiency. Indulge in a bit of luxury and regeneration without leaving your own garden with a garden sauna from Filanest.

1. Filanest - Manufacturer of insulated garden saunas

Filanest is a respected manufacturer of garden saunas that is renowned for creating high-quality, functional and durable saunas. What sets Filanest saunas apart in the market is their excellent thermal insulation. Saunas insulated by Filanest allow you to use them all year round, regardless of the weather conditions. Thanks to advanced technological solutions and the use of thermo-insulating materials, Filanest saunas maintain the right temperature inside the cabin, which translates into comfort of use and energy savings.

2.Year-round sauna - enjoyment in all seasons

Jedną z kluczowych zalet saun ogrodowych od Filanest jest ich całoroczne zastosowanie. Dzięki doskonałej izolacji termicznej, sauna ocieplona Filanest może być używana zarówno w chłodniejsze dni, jak i podczas mroźnej zimy. To doskonałe rozwiązanie dla osób ceniących zdrowotne właściwości sauny i pragnących cieszyć się nią niezależnie od pory roku. Sauna całoroczna to także świetna opcja dla osób posiadających dostęp do ogrodu przez cały rok, chcących w pełni wykorzystać przestrzeń na relaks i regenerację.

3. modern sauna - harmony with the garden architecture

The manufacturer of insulated saunas Filanest realises that the appearance and design of a sauna are as important as its functionality. Garden saunas from Filanest feature a modern and aesthetically pleasing design that harmonises perfectly with different styles of gardens and outdoor spaces. A variety of sizes and configurations are available, allowing the sauna to be tailored to individual customer preferences. Elegant finishes, high-quality wood and attention to the smallest details make the garden sauna from Filanest not only a place for relaxation, but also a decorative element of the garden.

4. energy-efficient sauna - caring for the environment

The contemporary approach to the production of garden saunas from Filanest is also based on care for the environment. Insulated saunas are designed to save energy, thus reducing the environmental impact. Advanced insulation technologies minimise heat loss, resulting in lower energy consumption needed to maintain the right temperature inside the cabin. When you choose an energy-efficient sauna from Filanest, you not only get a unique sauna experience, but also the feeling that you are taking care of the planet.

5. sauna with electric or wood-burning cooker

Filanest offers variety in the choice of heat source for your garden sauna. You can choose a sauna with an electric cooker or a traditional wood-fired sauna. A sauna with an electric cooker offers convenience of use, fast heating and precise temperature control. A wood-fired sauna, on the other hand, is a more traditional solution that can be particularly attractive to lovers of the authentic sauna experience. Both types of sauna guarantee a unique and relaxing experience.

All in all, the garden sauna from manufacturer Filanest is the perfect solution for those wishing to create their own corner of relaxation and regeneration in the garden. Insulated, modern and energy-efficient saunas allow you to enjoy saunas all year round, while taking care to harmonise with the garden architecture and the environment. Thanks to the variety of options and designs, a garden sauna from Filanest will meet the individual needs and tastes of every customer. Choose quality, innovation and attention to detail - choose a sauna from Filanest.