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  • Number of people: 2 - 6
  • Weight: 1000 kg - 1550 kg
  • Power supply: Electric heater or wood heater
  • Temperature range: 40 - 110 st. C
  • Delivery time: from 4 up to 10 weeks

Sauna POD

Sauna Hobby Spot

Sauna Flex

aron on 2022-07-05


Our mission is to create innovative structures combining natural materials and ultra-modern technologies. The structure of our products is based on a composite truss, which is made of carbon fiber by an industrial robot – one of the lightest and most durable materials known to man. Thanks to the method developed and patented by us, 95% of the sauna is made of natural materials, and the carbon fiber used can be reused in the future. In this way, we construct objects with a minimal carbon footprint, guided by the idea of ​​sustainable development that is close to us.

Unlike sililar products, our sauna has a solid layer of insulation.

This makes it much more energy-efficient, economical and ready for use in a very short time after commissioning. The appropriate temperature and climate in the sauna will be ensured by an electric or wood-fired stove, designed by the Estonian brand Huum, which has won many awards for design.

Did we mention running the sauna? You can do this remotely with your smartphone so its ready to use immediately when needed. The only thing left is to play your favorite music from the speakers connected wirelessly to your phone and enjoy the view through the panoramic window made of tempered glass.

Thanks to the production technology used, our insulated saunas are competitively priced. Delivery time is usually 4 to 10 weeks from placing the order!

aron on 2022-07-05

Sauna midi

We present you a new, smaller version of our insulated garden sauna with dimensions of 270 cm x 240 cm x 266 cm high.
Our garden sauna is distinguished by the fact that it has a thick insulation layer of at least 140 mm !!!
Thanks to the insulation of the base, mantle and gable walls of the sauna, it can be quickly heated to the operating temperature. At the same time, thanks to the thick insulation, the temperature in the sauna is kept relatively low by the energy expenditure of the sauna heater.

The heat transfer coefficient of the sauna wall is 15 times lower than that of the sauna wall made of only 40 mm of wood, hence its high energy efficiency !!!

We equip our saunas with stoves from recognized global brands such as HUUM, Harvia, EOS, TULIKIVI or SENTIOTEC. These can be wood-burning stoves or electric stoves.
The sauna is covered with Canadian bituminous roof tiles with a certified wind resistance of up to 180 km / h.
The sauna has a glass entrance door, a veranda with seats and two parallel benches in the middle of the sauna. It can be equipped with a panoramic window and a stereo sound system (options).
The promotional price of our insulated sauna is PLN 27,000 net. (the sauna price does not include the stove and assembly costs).
We assemble the sauna all over Poland.
Contact us to choose a sauna heater and enjoy our energy-efficient sauna in the coming season without stress.

aron on 2022-07-05

Benefits of sauna treatments :

  • increasing resistance to respiratory infections and colds,
  • detoxification, since toxins, i.e. waste products of metabolism, produced by disease processes in the body or supplied with food, are removed with sweating,
  • a relaxing effect which lowers its tension, facilitates better sleep and its depth,
  • increased flexibility of the musculoskeletal system and increased joint mobility,
  • increased blood circulation, metabolism and increased muscle strength,
  • influences the loosening of adhesions,
  • cleansing the skin of flaky epidermis and stimulating the reproductive layer of the epidermis,
  • improving blood supply to the skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract,
  • reducing lactic acid content (less acidification of the body),
  • increased blood oxygen saturation,
  • positive effect on the cardiovascular system, making the walls of blood vessels more flexible,
  • feeling of relaxation,
  • strengthening resistance to stress,
  • lower levels of adrenaline and cortisol (hormones responsible for stress).
  • regular sauna bathing is associated with a reduced risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. ( according to the journal Preventive Medicine Reports)

Sauna POD

Sauna FLEX