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Finnish sauna Flex Mini without vestibule

A modern, compact Finnish sauna POD with a panoramic, toughened, combined glass.

  • Number of people 1-6
  • Weight 1000 kg - 1550 kg
  • Sauna stove Electric or wood burning
  • Temperature range 40 - 110 degrees C
  • Sauna type Dry and Finnish

Sauna Flex mini

aron on 2022-12-14
A small, compact Finnish sauna available in a version without a vestibule, which does not require much space in the garden, but gives a lot of joy to its users. It will strengthen weakened health, harden and improve the body's immunity, protecting it against many diseases. The Flex Mini Finnish sauna will certainly meet all the requirements due to its other advantages:
  • modern design;
  • energy-saving interior lighting;
  • high energy efficiency class resulting from the thermal insulation of the walls and base of the Finnish sauna with a minimum thickness of 140 mm;
  • fast heating of the sauna interior and keeping it warm for a long time;
  • the use of tempered, composite glass in the window and door of the sauna, resistant to damage and also preventing heat escape;
  • a tight roof resistant to strong winds, covered with bitumen tiles;
  • a comfortable bench allowing you to fully relax during your stay in the sauna;
  • efficient heating, electric or wood-burning stove.
Sauna fińska Flex Mini bez przedsionka
Sauna fińska Flex Mini bez przedsionka
Sauna fińska Flex Mini bez przedsionka