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Houses and Garden Rooms

  • Energy saving Insolated
  • Certified materials 95% natural materials
  • Durability Patented technology
  • Modern design Model 2022
aron on 2022-07-05


Like our saunas, houses are manufactured based on a method developed and patented by us. It uses carbon fiber, from which robots weave a lightweight openframes structure of extraordinary strength. Both the structure of the houses and their innovative shape guarantee very high resistance to violent weather phenomena such as storms or strong winds.

When constructing houses, we place great importance on creating sustainable products. The vast majority of the materials that make up our homes are recyclable and the production has a low carbon footprint.

The carbon fibre construction allows for a thick layer of thermal insulation. As a result, our houses are not only extremely energy-efficient in winter, but even on the hottest summer days they are pleasantly warm.

The technology we use gives you a great deal of flexibility in terms of its shape and room layout.

We are able to deliver the house to the customer either as shell orina finished state, with the interior finished by our designers to your specyfication.

Garden room - morning