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Year-round HobbySpot houses

HobbySpot houses are our newest family of objects with an original ellipsoidal shape.

Advanced robotic technology and the use of natural materials allow us to create objects for various purposes. Below we present only some of the possible applications of our unique solutions.

  • Number of people 1-6
  • Weight 1000 kg - 1550 kg

Hobby Spot

aron on 2022-09-22
Year-round HobbySpot XL glamping house

Our modern, original HobbySpot houses are available in various sizes. The width of the facility is 4.70 meters and the length is from 3.00 to 7.40 meters. Longer HobbySpot XL houses consisting of two modules have, in addition to a living room, kitchenette and toilet, one or two additional rooms.

Covering our glamping houses with Canadian bitumen tiles with a certified wind resistance of up to 180 km/h and their oval shape is extremely efficient in terms of aerodynamics. Thanks to this, houses are more adapted to changing climatic conditions.

Thanks to solid insulation and the use of triple glazing in a large glass facade, these modern houses can be used all year round. Especially when they are equipped with an air conditioning module that is also used to heat the house in winter.

The triple-glazed panoramic facade of the house makes us feel close to the surrounding nature and enjoy the beautiful landscape from the comfortable and cozy interior of the HobbySpot house.

Domki drewniane HobbySpot do ogrodu i a działkę
Domki drewniane HobbySpot do ogrodu i a działkę
Domki drewniane HobbySpot do ogrodu i a działkę

HobbySpot - technical dimensions

HobbySpot rysunek techniczny wymiary