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Glamping Pods

It is not necessary to obtain any permits to build our houses on your lot. The technology we use gives great flexibility in terms of its shape and arrangement of rooms. 

Glamping in an exclusive design.

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  • Size from 12 m²
  • Lead time 5 weeks

Glamping Pods

aron on 2022-07-05


We offer insulated glamping pods, made in a technology compatible with environmental protection. The structure of these buildings is made with the use of our patented technology of composite carbon fiber girders. Thanks to this technology, we use negligible amounts of steel and wood in the production of houses, resulting in a significantly lower carbon footprint and environmental impact.

The shape of our glamping pods is very efficient in terms of aerodynamics, which makes them more adapted to changing climatic conditions. Additionally, they are covered with Canadian bituminous roof tiles with a certified wind resistance of up to 180 km / h.

Our luxury glamping pods are available in various sizes, they are available with different levels of interior finishing, both in a developer standard and fully finished with a bathroom, a badroom, a kitchenette and a living room.

The carbon fiber construction allows the use of a thick layer of thermal insulation. As a result, the houses we offer are not only extremely energy-efficient in winter, but even on the hottest summer days, they have a pleasant temperature.

Sauny fińskie, Sauny ogrodowe, domki drewniane, domki ogrodowe
Sauny fińskie, Sauny ogrodowe, domki drewniane, domki ogrodowe

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